How it works

Want to deliver it yourself or have us do it all?  Here's how it works...

Whichever box you choose you can rest assured that it will be delivered beautifully wrapped and presented in a keepsake gift box.  If you would like to deliver the gift yourself, we can ship it to your home address - but we'll still do all the preparation and wrapping so you don't have to worry.  

Alternatively we can deliver a box directly to your recipient.  We'll prepare and wrap your gifts beautifully and include your personalised note - just as if you did it yourself.
Either way you'll have the option to include a note with your order.

It's as easy as this:
1. Browse the Gift Box collection and pick the perfect box for your special person.
2. Add your personalised message at checkout.
3. Enter the address you'd like it sent to (them or you), and we'll do the rest.

So relax, we'll do the work and you'll get the credit!